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Elite Eventz, founded in 2008, is committed to delivering first class events and celebrations. It has extensively studied the art of event planning and has come up with perceptive insights, techniques and solutions that result in flawless execution.

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We are committed to making your event enjoyable, memorable and successful.


Time & Deadline

We Manage schedules and prioritize in a professional way, to deliver your work on time.



we give life to your ideas with the help of cutting-edge technologies and help you grow your business.



We also visualize your concepts with our creative & unique solutions to make every audience stay wow!


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Virtual Events Your Gateway To Fun At Home

Overcome the constraints of the current situation by facilitating meetings and events over a virtual platform with a close to physical event experience from the comfort of your own home.

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JOIN THE EVENT Testimonials

With regards to the cricket tournament which we conducted from March 31 to April 21, wanted to convey our Thanks for organizing the entire 4 weeks of tournament without any issues.

Vijayasarathy K


On behalf of our team, Heartfelt thanks to you, Ishwarya and your team for making this event very big success. You always do more than our expectation & your team efforts are commendable.

B Pravin Kumar

NewMika Laminate and Allied

Over all it was through , smooth and neat execution that was expected with every event that Elite team conducts.The guests were impressed with the overall concept /Backdrops & LIgtings.



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